What to Pack for a Beach Vacation? – Ultimate Beach Trip Checklist

I have packed so many times over the years for beach holidays, that I know just what to pack for a beach vacation. So, if you’re one of those people always finding themselves wondering what to take to the beach on vacation, then you will love this beach packing list I have put together. In this beach vacation packing list, I include everything you need to not only look the part whilst hanging at the beach or by the pool, but also have all the beach vacation essentials to be comfortable and practical as well.

Whether you’re wondering what to pack for a week at the beach or a month, this beach vacation checklist will have you packing for the beach with the perfect beach vacation wardrobe in next to no time and be on your way to your tropical destination.

I highly recommend you print off this beach holiday packing list off and tick the items off as you pack your things to take to with you.

Pack for a Beach Vacation

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation? – Our Checklist

To make it easier for you, I have broken this beach trip packing list up into the categories: clothes, shoes, beach stuff, bags, toiletries, electronics and travel documents.

Beach Trip Packing List – Clothes

What to bring on a beach vacation in terms of clothes really is a personal choice. But my advice to you is when packing for beach vacation, don’t bring too much, as you just won’t wear it. You will find that for most of the time you will be in your swimsuit any way.

Keep reading for my tips on how to pack for a beach vacation with regards to clothing.

Bikini / Swimsuit

Perhaps one of the most essential things to pack for beach vacation are you bikinis. I recommend you bring 2 swimsuits, one you can wear whilst the other one is drying.

Swim Cover Up or Sarong

Also, when packing for beach holiday, you will need of course a swimsuit cover. This is perfect for wearing down to the beach, but you might prefer a sarong as you can also use this to cover your shoulders or legs if your visiting anywhere that has temples or monasteries.


Bring 2-3 comfortable pairs of shorts for wearing down to the beach or walking around town.

Tank Tops

You only need around 3 tops which you can mix and match with your shorts.


Depending on whether you prefer wearing dresses over shorts, I’d recommend you bring 1-2 casual sun dresses. You might take more dresses and less shorts or vice versa, depending upon your preference, so amend your beach trip checklist as necessary.


If the nights will get cold, consider bringing a pair of pants to keep warm.


You may also need to bring a light jacket in case it gets a bit cool or windy at night. A rain jacket may also be worth while if you are going somewhere that often has down pours, particularly if you during wet season


I recommend 2 bras and a pair of knickers for each day.


1 pair of pjs is also you need. If you stay longer than a few days – you can get them washed.

What to take to the Beach? Beach Essentials

Things to bring on a beach vacation include sun protection as well as few items to have a bit of fun in the water.

Beach Hat

What to take on a beach vacation? A big sun hat of course to protect your skin from burning.

Beach Towel

When choosing a beach towel, I recommend one with microfibres that is lightweight and dries fast. Another reason I like it is that the sand won’t stick on it

Snorkel Set

If you’re headed somewhere with fantastic life underwater, don’t forget a good quality snorkel kit.

Floating Device

Do you want to get some awesome Instagram shots? Bring along one of these super unicorm floaties.

Body Board

Probably not practical if you have to fly to your destination, but if your off on a road trip, throw in a body board in the back of the car to catch some waves.

Beach Shelter

If you intend to spend anymore than an hour or so on the beach, I highly recommend you invest in some proper beach shelter. Again not really practical if you are flying to your destination, but if you’re driving don’t leave home without some shelter.


Things you need for the beach vacation? Sunnies of course! Don’t leave home without them!

Water Bottle

These days we all know the devastating consequences plastic bottles have on the environment, so make sure you bring along a refillable water bottle. I like to have one that won’t leak and has a clasp on it so I can attach it my day bag.

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