VCB FIT, the Olympian-owned activewear brand you need to know

Olympian Veronica Campbell Brown aka VCB, has created for herself another sporty business venture.

The decorated athlete — known for her record-breaking prowess on the track — has slowed her pace to focus on the fashion industry.

Just this month, VCB launched a line of ‘fashion forward activewear for women’.

That’s only a smidge of her departure into the health and lifestyle lanes.

High-waisted tights, cut-out sports bras, and crop tops are but a few of the items available under the VCB FIT brand, and accompanied by the You Can Collection — made for performance and comfort with an updated style.

Though the aesthetic remains minimalist, the new colour schemes are a welcomed addition to the previous gray-dark colour scheme.

The You Can Collection introduces new colour ways: purple and maroon, with tights that feature incognito flat pockets for easy storage.

A statement from the brand’s website underscores the reasons VCB created the brand.

‘Fatigue from too many ‘no’s’ while attempting to secure a collaboration, led to the birth of VCB FIT.’

‘The enthusiasm to give back to young girls and to the sport of track and field was additional fuel behind the creation’ of VCB FIT.

The activewear compliment a blog that has, since September, been commonplace for all related health and lifestyle updates.

Articles on performance, lifestyle and wellness ‘to keep you motivated and inspired to look and feel your best every day’ have been shared on the website that doubles as an e-Shop for VCB FIT activewear.

With VCB FIT online, readers get firsthand information on optimising their fitness or recovery journeys, updates on the latest style trends in fitness, access to nutritional tips, confidence and mental resilience boosters.

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