The 6 Best Wholesale Markets in Bangkok/Thailand for Clothes and More


If you want to find the best wholesale markets in Bangkok and Thailand for clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and more products, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will list the best and biggest ones with the latest reviews.

Bangkok is very popular for the wholesale products. Almost every city corner has the large departmental stores where you can find everything of your interest at a place in large bulk. 

Many of the markets in Bangkok have both national as well as International clothing stock. In foreigners, the Thailand garments wholesale market has the largest place in the markets that has every kind of trendy and fashionable read-mady garments.

1. BoBae Market

It is the best place for the wholesale garments in Bangkok. It is 30 years old market and have the clothes bought from all around the world including Russia. Many marketing sellers who want to buy the stocks of clothes they prefer to buy from the BoBae market. It is one of the most important Bangkok wholesale garment market. Bangkok market has more than 700 stalls and shops that have all types of clothing stocks, including t-shirts, shirts, dress shirts, skirts, bags, jeans. It also has another advantage as it is a wholesale market so, more the bulk you buy the more cheaply it will be. 

2. Pratunam Market

Clothes, shoes and fashion accoutrements are all available in the largest wholesale market Partunam Bangkok at very huge scale. Many of the shops are offering big discounts on the cloths and some of them are selling at the same price at which they purchase. It is an open air shopping center and display every kind of clothes including the shorts, T- shirts, formal dresses suits, winter jackets, fancy dresses as well as embroidered costumes. It is also known for its Bangkok Wholesale Morning Market. 

3. Platinum Mall

Platinum Mall is located opposite to the Pratunam mall and consists of the six stories under one building and it is jam packed with the shops that sell every kind of commodities, especially for the teenagers including the shoes, bags, clothing, accessories for both men and women. It is a ready-made garment wholesale market in Bangkok. Everything is so cheap and becomes more cheap if it is bought up to 20 items or more. 

4. Sampeng Market

Sampeng wholesale market is actually a long array of the shops that remain very busy for the whole day occupied by the trucks and street vendors that also shop from here. The reason for huge crowd is that Sampeng market is selling every necessity as well as every accessory of the life including cheap and good quality clothes. 

Sampeng market is located in the Bangkok Chinatown wholesale market. This market has also played a very important role for the wholesalers. Every shop has striking discount on it items, especially when they are bought in large bulks. It includes the home décor, women shoes, kid’s toys, home appliances and cosmetics. Many of the shops only wholesale that binds the buyers to buy not less than 3 to 6 items. 

5. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak is the biggest outdoor market in Bangkok. This market is specified and remains open only at the weekends and deals with all the commodities of the wholesalers. Every wholesale buy should visit it on the weekend to get the best wholesale garments in Bangkok. 

Buyers can get every type and kind of ready to wear trendy and stunning garments at very cheap rates. Not all items are very fashionable, but do fits with the needs of the locals. When it comes to the bulk sale, some older items are also resold for those who are looking out for extra cheap products. Bangkok’s Chatuchak weekend market deals with shoes, dresses from casual to semi casual, plants, seeds, utensils, crockery, a few electronic items and plastic wares. 


Affordable fashion clothes of Thai brands and designs are available here just like any other shopping malls in Thailand, MBK is a place to shop for fashion items. Buyers shop here if they are after Thai brands and designs. They provide the special discount on the wholesale products. It is providing many different kinds of stocks including bags, t- shirts wholesale market, cosmetics and shoes. MBK centre is well known as t-shirts wholesale market in Bangkok, as more variety over t-shirts can be found here than it could be anywhere else in Bangkok. Customers enjoy buying from here owing to its good quality. 

Get Benefits of Online Wholesaling Garments

1. Wholesale garments which are bought online have low price as they do not include the retail shop price as well as the cost which is spent upon transportation, is also saved. These are purchased at the same price as set by the manufacturers.

2. Quantity and quality are also managed by the wholesale clothing purchasers as they have the option to see all the available items at a time without going shop to shop. They can order the best quality available in the market.

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