Sudanese traditional costume


” Dress ” the word calling cladding or dress at all. However, this word has significance Sudanese women more privacy , specifically , as it means the outer robe , which have a length of four and a half meters , damaged around brightly colored . The Sudanese dress the most important element in the garb of Sudanese women . Is the title of their social status , as it distinguishes a married woman for unmarried girls , also in terms of the quality of the raw material and the price is the standard by which all cured taste and elegance . In periods of migrations Sudanese Sudanese women have remained abroad is proud to wear the dress as a sign and symbol of identity .

The dress was in the era of the fifties Sudan separates from the two pieces ,  in parallel with each other or crochet embroidery total length of nine meters , and focuses embroidery on the tip of the stump even endures a heavy weight on  epaulet . Then it soon entered the country, sewing machines and embroidery, embroidered with it emerged that are still worn in Sudan . In Alcetinat of the twentieth century began importing clothes Altautal of Switzerland . It is the names of these clothes , ” Abuknar ” and ” Mufstn .” Including dress known as the ” Police Rescue ” , and this designation came after the entry of vehicles to the Rescue Bodoaúha blue glowing red . I knew this was the quality of the clothes and the quality of raw beauty . The severity of the dress in favor of Sudanese combine flexibility and lightness and any non-slip steadiness . In the seventies of the last century , replaced the clothes crape Indian low-cost clothes with bright colors known as the ” dress neighbors ” for its simplicity , durability and ease of wearing them. Through this dress women can overlook the neighbors quickly and without cost . This period also witnessed the emergence of Egypt rows of black clothes . More recently appeared next to the dress other options among the new generations , especially students ; Valza now common in Islamic Sudan consists of a long skirt and blouse draped satisfaction with long sleeves and a veil or head scarves in the colors of harmony and quiet. While some of the girls are wearing the abaya , some young married women display same in black veils . What remains of the gown standing among married women in urban and rural areas alike. Vllthob , beside the main function , the advantages of the process . It is a cover for a person sleeping flies , a better cover for the shabby clothes in case of movement , a protective covering for the child at the hands of his mother’s laptop , and the jacket cover of the child and the mother’s breast in the case of breastfeeding . When singled out the dress on the child he plays the role of a bed net . But above all this and that , the dress has a love of all Sudanese women for their beauty and charm and simplicity .

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