Paris Fashion Week 2021: All The Trends We Loved From The Spring-Summer Showcase


Soon after men’s Milano Fashion Week concluded with its futuristic and forward approach to fashion, the city of lights took the world by storm. Seen at this season’s Paris Fashion Week 2021 were head-turning bright colours, oh-so-pretty sequins, XL statement earrings and detailing that was hard to miss but easy to incorporate. Amidst the pandemic, the Spring-Summer edition of the Paris Fashion Week ushered in with fresh tones, exaggerated silhouettes and just what we were missing—a dose of high fashion looks.

From Fendi sending the iconic models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington Burns and Demi Moore down the runway to Schiaparelli’s jaw-dropping creations, the shows were full of surprises and an unparalleled blend of fashion and art. While haute couture runs low on practicality and high (we mean, extremely high on artistic vision), this time around we’re not complaining when it comes to wearability. Proof? These looks.

Puff Sleeves

First seen in Spring 2018, puff sleeves have transcended into our closets in no time. What was thought to be more of a fleeting trend, has presented itself season after season in better, rather more approachable reimaginations. And this year at Paris Fashion Week 2021, the trend made a comeback on the runway for Elie Saab, Dior and Viktor & Rolf. Let’s just say that puff sleeves aren’t deflating anytime soon and it’s about time that we pump up the volume.

Vibrant Colours

While Paris Fashion Week 2021 showcased the best of haute couture, the most alluring part was the presentation of bright, striking colours. Just like a breath of fresh air that the world needed this year; cobalt blues, parrot greens, hot pinks and aqua were a mainstay for Armani Privé and Valentino.

Power Suit Silhouettes

Seen at iconic fashion houses like Fendi, Dior and Chanel were empowering, well-tailored cuts which paved way for a strong vision (literally and figuratively). Whether you have a penchant for the classic black blazer or an inclination for printed, silk variations, one thing is certain—power suit silhouettes in any and every form are officially in.

Red Lips

French fashion designer Alexis Mabille relied heavily on a multitude of red hues to make a statement. And one fact is definite. This is the year to bring out your darkest reds and these looks are proof.

Sheer Fabrics

Far-fetched for Spring-Summer but this year, the runway and fashion films alike witnessed a plethora of see-through silhouettes doing the rounds. As risqué it may be to pull off, designers gave the fabric a chicer, might we say sophisticated upgrade. Take a look at Alberta Ferretti and Dior’s sartorial roster for inspiration.

Frill Skirts

Frills? No way. But a cursory look at Spring Summer 2021 runways and trust us, you’ll fall in love with the idea. From Chanel’s dreamy mix of neutral and pastel tones emblazoned on the silhouette to Victor & Rolf’s dual colour take, frilled skirts are set to the become the must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe this year.

Oversized Earrings

Largely known for its unpredictable nature, this year fashion presented us with a daring trend. Make way for oversized (trust us, there’s no limit) earrings. From Fendi’s agate, drop earrings donned by fashion’s IT girls like Bella Hadid and Kate Moss to Schiaparelli’s abstract, gold pieces, XL earrings are totally in.

Daytime Sequins

Another trend that found its way back into 2021 is plenty of sequins. And especially after a year that’s been rather taxing, an excess of sequins doesn’t come as a surprise. From Valentino’s gold-gilded nod to daytime sparkle to Elie Saab’s metallic sequins on fluid silhouettes, we have to say—a little bling never hurt nobody and we love it.

High Platform Shoes

Love towering platform heels? This is your year to flaunt them with a stamp of social acceptance. Seen at Valentino and Schiaparelli were platform shoes with dizzying heights that strutted down the runway.

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