How to Wear Skirts


Skirts come in all sorts of lengths, colors, and styles. The style that you wear can drastically change your look, ranging from casual to formal. You can also change your figure to a certain extent with the right length and cut. Whatever your sense of style is, there is bound to be a skirt that’s just right for you.

Wearing Shorter Skirts

1 Choose a pencil skirt if you want a classic, streamlined silhouette. The pencil skirt starts at the waist and ends just above the knee. It is fitted, tapering down to the knees, and has clean, tailored lines. They are perfect for formal occasions, including office settings. Here are some chic outfit ideas:

  • Pair a black pencil skirt with a black, fitted shirt. Add a wide, vibrant belt for a pop of color.
  • For a romantic look, pair your skirt with a blouse in a contrasting color.
  • If you want something more classic, pair a black pencil skirt with a white blouse. Add a wide, red belt and red pumps for that final touch.

2 Keep it casual with denim. Denim skirts have a similar shape to pencil skirts, but they are a little less fitted. They go with just about anything, from tanks to tees to button-downs. The color options for tops are limitless. You can go classic with a white blouse, or you can wear a vibrant color for something more unusual. Graphic tee shirts and blouses with patterns also pair well with denim skirts.

  • For something punky, layer your shirts. Try a loose, graphic tee over a fitted, striped button-up blouse. A dark-colored denim skirt will look the best with this.
  • For a summertime look, pair a denim skirt with a white-and-blue striped blouse.
  • For a dressier look, pair the skirt with a white or ivory blouse and a pair of wedges.

3 Try an A-line skirt if you can’t seem to find anything that fits. A-line skirts tend to look good on most people, so you can’t go wrong with this classic shape. It is fitted at the waist, then flares out, ending just below the knees.

  • If you want to be bold and daring, pair a patterned A-line skirt with top that has thick, bold stripes. Make sure that the skirt and shirt have at least one matching color.
  • If you want something more subtle, pair 2 different solid colors together. You can also pair a patterned skirt with a solid-colored shirt.

4 Add a feminine touch with a fit-and-flare skirt. It is similar to an A-line in that it is fitted at the waist and flares out, except that it has much more volume to it. It is perfect for twirling in and goes great with belts and button-down blouses. It is typically around knee-length, but it can be shorter or longer as well.

  • For a chic look, try a black fit-and-flare skirt with a fitted shirt, pumps, and statement jewelry.
  • For something more casual, pair the skirt with a button-up blouse, preferably denim.

Wearing Longer Skirts

Wear midi skirts with care. Midi skirts end at the mid calf. This means that they can make your legs look shorter, wider, or stumpier than they actually are. If possible, choose a midi with a high waist. This will help elongate your lower half.

  • Make midi skirts more flattering with a pair of heels. This includes booties, pumps, and wedges.
  • If you have short legs, consider buying a midi skirt in a petite size. It will have a specific cut that flatters your figure.
  • For a classic look, pair a midi skirt with a fitted blouse, matching booties, and a long necklace.

Give your outfit a whimsical touch with a tulle skirt. Unlike the frilly pink tutus of your childhood, tulle skirts are typically longer, ending below the knees. They can look dressy or casual, depending on what sorts of shoes, shirts, and accessories you wear with them.

  • For a dressier look, pair a long tulle skirt with a fitted blouse or tee. Add some nice jewelry and pumps or ballet flats.
  • For something more casual, try a graphic tee and canvas sneakers. For a punky look, add a studded leather belt.

Stay comfortable with a maxi skirt. A maxi skirt is anything that goes down to your ankles; some maxi skirts are even longer. Typically loose, breezy, and flowing, they are perfect for a bohemian look. Because of how long and voluminous they are, maxi skirts work best with fitted tops.

  • Pair a maxi skirt with a tribal or geometric pattern with a black, fitted tee. Add color and texture to your top with a necklace that matches your skirt’s pattern and theme.
  • For a casual look, pair a jersey maxi with a fitted, graphic tee. Make your outfit look more interesting with a pair of sandals, a hat, and sunglasses.

Go formal with a ball skirt. It is long like a maxi, but much more voluminous. Ball skirts are often made from fancier materials, such as taffeta. Like the name suggests, they are great for formal occasions, including galas. Alternatively, you can tone it down with a casual denim top.

  • For a dressier look, pair a dark-colored ball skirt with a fitted blouse. Finish the look off with nice pumps or heels and matching jewelry.
  • For a casual look, try a light-colored patterned ball skirt with a button-up blouse. A knotted, denim blouse will help keep things looking even more casual.

Complementing Your Figure

Accentuate curves with light colors and bubble or balloon-shaped skirts. These skirts bunch out around the hips, making them appear wider than they actually are. If you prefer something more subtle or casual, try an A-line skirt or a faded wash denim skirt inter. To further enhance your curves, choose a light-colored or printed fabric. Fabrics that have a shine to them, such as satin, may also help.

  • If you have lack curves and wish to give the illusion of having some, try a snug pencil skirt that tapers around your thighs; it will help give the illusion of curves.

Use vertical details and dark colors to draw attention away from curves. There is nothing wrong with curves, nor is there anything wrong with wanting to reduce them. Any skirt with vertical details, such as pleats, top stitching, and darts, will help elongate your body and make it appear narrower. For a slimming effect, wear a skirt in a dark color, such as: black/gray, burgundy, dark brown, navy blue, and olive green.

  • Wear an interesting top or a statement necklace to draw attention to your upper half.
  • An A-line skirt is a great choice, and it may help downplay wide hips. If you wish to conceal thicker thighs, consider a full circle skirt or a fit-and-flare skirt instead.

Streamline your silhouette with heavier fabrics and flared skirts. Flared skirts are anything that is fitted at the waist, and flares out past the hips. Great examples include the A-line skirt and the fit-and-flare skirt. Something made from a heavier fabric, such as denim, leather, or linen, will help tuck in muffin tops and full tummies.

  • If you need a more drastic change, try a body shaper made from strong, sturdy spandex.
  • Full circle skirts, mid-rise skirts, and skirts with wider waistbands may also help.

Elongate your legs with raised hemlines and simple color schemes. Anything that ends just above the knee (or even shorter) will help make your legs appear longer. Skirts that are fitted around the hips, such as pencil skirts, may also help make you appear taller. To further the effect, match your skirt to your skin, tights, or shoes.

  • If your skirt has a print on it, make sure that your tights or shoes match one color on it.
  • If you don’t like to wear shorter skirts, wear a longer one with tights underneath it. Match the tights to your shoes (preferably heels).
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