Home remedies for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be very discomforting. Read this article to know about teeth sensitivity and certain home remedies to cure it.

What is teeth sensitivity?

Home remedies

When you have ice water or hot coffee, do you feel some kind of tingling sensation in your teeth? That is teeth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is nothing but a kind of discomfort or aches in teeth when you eat or drink something hot or cold. It can either occur on a few numbers of teeth or overall but it can easily be treated by following an oral hygienic routine.

What are the signs of sensitive teeth?

Usually, the common sign is to feel a certain kind of ache or tingling sensation while eating some hot or cold stuff. But it can be intensive with time. It may be:

• Hot stuff like foods and fluids
• Cold things like ice-cream or cold drinks, even air.
• Sweet candies or desserts
• Acidic fruits or foods
• While brushing
• While rinsing with alcohol-based mouth cleanser.

What are the causes?

Sometimes people face tooth sensitivity for the weakness of the tooth enamel (Enamel protects your teeth). It can happen for several reasons like:

Brushing too harshly
Hard toothbrush
Grinding teeth while sleeping
Regular consumption of acidic stuff.
Other reasons are:

Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)

Gum recession
Tooth decay,
Broken teeth,
Chipped teeth,
Dental care like teeth bleaching

Here are certain preventive tips that one can follow:

Brushing teeth twice with fluoride paste
Flossing every time after a meal Limit consuming acidic, sugary stuff

Avoid alcohol

Avoid smoking If you grind teeth while sleeping then wear a mouthguard
Visit the dentist once a year

Home remedies for sensitive teeth:

Below mentioned are some home remedies for teeth sensitivity that anyone can follow:

Oil pulling: Oil pulling happens to be the most ancient ayurvedic practice which was originated in India. It is done by swishing process with oil-filled into the mouth. Coconut oil and sesame oil are the best options when it comes to mouth hygiene. They are very useful in protecting sensitive teeth, gum diseases, and also the formation of plaque.

Guava leaves: Guava leaves are comprised of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial elements and also help in relieving pain. You can either chew some leaves or use a gel made of guava leaves extraction can be very helpful in the reduction of toothache and sensitivity.

Clove gel: People from the historic period used to apply clove to get the toothache away. Researches have found out that clove gel can be used as an alternative for benzocaine that is used to numb the gums just before inserting injections. Applying clove oil or gel extract can be useful in gum soothing and helps the pain to decrease.

Garlic: Having garlic is very advantageous for your health. Studies have shown that chewing pieces of garlic helps in the production of a substance called allicin that is great in destroying bacterial growth and helps in the prevention of several oral diseases.

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