Best Women’s Perfumes for Everyday Use


No matter how you spend most hours of the day, perfumes still are a part of your everyday ritual. Whether you are a woman that work in an office, or you are a housewife which means that you spend most of your time in the house, you certainly want to smell nice during the day wearing a perfume that lifts your mood.

Most of our schedules are pretty busy with work or home responsibilities such as taking care of the children or cleaning the house, and a quality perfume is the award we give to ourselves. Most of our activities during the day make us sweat, so perfumes work like a refreshment for our bodies.

In this article, we have gather some useful information about why you need to use perfumes during the day, and what types of fragrances are going to help you feel good with your body during your busy schedule.

The perfumes listed here, were selected carefully, so that they fit both for working ladies and housewives of all ages.

Why you need an everyday perfume

Although it is common sense why you would need to wear a high quality perfume in a special occasion, there also many reason why you should wear perfumes everyday. Two of the most important are the ones explained below.

1 – Increase self-confidence

Perfumes work like a nice walk after a boring day sitting home: they boost your self-confidence and help you think from a more positive perspective. They are the refreshments of the body and the mind, as they trigger brain signals which cause happiness and positivity.

For instance, if you are wearing a perfume with a nice woody fragrance like the Tom Ford Sahara Noir, you feel like taking a walk in the woods and smelling the trees and nature. Or if you are wearing a perfume with flowery scent such as the Chloe Love Story Eau De Parfums, it feels like taking a sniff of a flower you like.

What is more, perfumes make you feel cleaner thus more confident. They make you feel more comfortable in your own clothes, and if you combine them with a relaxing bath and clean clothes, they are a highly effective confidence boost.

It is more than likely, that if you treat your every day like a special occasion, by making your skin and clothes smell nice, overtime you are going to build a strong self-confidence. Make sure that you treat yourself in a good way by wearing the perfumes you like the most.

2 – Be more attractive

In case you haven’t noticed, people feel more attracted to you when you smell good. Perfumes are a major factor, and you need to pay special attention to how people react when you wear different perfumes.

Fragrances and scents work with other people exactly the same way as they work with our self-confidence. They trigger brain signals, that change their perception for us, according to the perfume we have chosen to wear.

A perfume tells our story, and the people of our environment manage to read it without even talking to us. A nice perfume provides them with the information needed. For instance, when people that surround us smell our perfume, they can tell that we are a person that likes to take care of himself.

Perfumes are a way of getting more social and coming close to people easier. Start using your favorite perfume everyday, and notice the positive change of the people that you tend to meet regularly. What you see may surprise you!

Who needs to use everyday perfumes?

Essentially every woman needs nice perfumes for everyday use. If you are a hardworking woman or a stay-at-home mom that needs a boost of confidence, then finding a nice perfume that will accompany you through the entire day is a must.

Everyday perfumes are especially recommended for women that work late hours, or those that have low confidence no matter the reason. You still have to work through your issues or go to work, but a nice calming perfume will help you stay positive and feel more attractive the entire day.

For working women that leave the house early in the morning and get back in the evening, I highly recommend that you acquire a long-lasting perfume. Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum Spray for example, is a perfume with very strong scent that is going to last for the entire day.

This way you can focus on your work instead of refreshing your perfume, and you can smell nice (and orangey with the particular perfume) for many hours, even if you sweat during the day.

Types of perfumes for everyday use

The most suitable types of perfumes for everyday use, are the lighter ones. The reason is because you need those perfume to calm you down and sooth you during or after your tight schedule. You need to feel refreshed and clean, so that you can smell nice to your co-workers and the people of your environment.

Floral or fruity fragrances in my opinion are the best choices for everyday use. They are the most subtle fragrances, and there is a wide variety of long-lasting perfumes that offer freshness throughout the entire day. Spicy perfumes are also a nice choice, although you should use them in very small portions.

What I wouldn’t choose is heavier perfumes such as woody scents. These types of scents are preferably used in special occasions, such as dinner in a good restaurant or anniversaries for example. If you are a fan of woody scents, make a case of wearing the lighter ones you can find, or you may find yourself suffocating your working environment or home.

The best women’s perfumes for everyday use

There is a large number of perfumes suitable for everyday use. The prices rangers vary a lot, and you should choose according to your available budget. In the list below, we have 5 of the best perfumes that are suitable for working women and housewives.

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