Are We Addicted To Immediate Results From Synthetic Skincare?


Living a healthy life doesn’t just mean eating healthy food and regular workout. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, & it absorbs, whatever we put on it. This includes everything,in our skin and body care regime.

According to research published in the American Journal of Public Health, the facial skin is several times more permeable than any of the body skin, along with an absorption rate of 100% for underarms & genitalia. Another peer-reviewed study showed 100% absorption rate for synthetic fragrance ingredients, Which means every routine body care product we use gets absorbed by our skin completely.

We absorb around 2.2 kilograms of chemical through our skin in an entire year using synthetic skin care products.

There are so many such research studies telling us that whatever we put on our skin not only gets absorbed, but the harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients and fragrances seep through it and make their way into our blood and lymphatic system.

Majority of body care products in the market are a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals and ingredients. Except for those who care enough to bring products made from carefully selected natural sources than synthetic.

With natural products the thing is, it doesn’t bring you the results as quickly as one might get from chemical based products. With nature, everything is a process. Healing is a process. Synthetic and chemical based products can throw the blemishes and acne out of the window in a matter of few days, but what they do not do is clear the mess that they leave behind, in form of toxic chemical deposits in our bloodstream.

Natural products heal the same thing over a period of time with continuous usage. Its revives our skin from scratch. Not just suppress the by products of the main cause.

All natural care products are not overrated. We are too addicted to the immediate results we get from the chemical based products, that we don’t even care to think what is giving us short term happiness is becoming the cause of our long term pain.

And what pain might that be? The irony of it all is, that even after being so dangerous these little deposits of chemical in our blood stream only kill us slowly or sometimes dangerously in the form of skin cancer. Without even making us realise it. These chemicals cause us various other problems, causes of which we keep looking elsewhere, treating them with even more medicines and eventually turning our bodies in to a garbage dump of chemicals.

Well, it’s easy for us to get lured into these beautiful fragrant products that come cheap too. But it’s us who need to take responsibility of what happens to us over the period of years of continuously using them.

Synthetic cosmetics and skin care products are a great motivational part of our life. It makes us appear young, feel nice and be confident. Its an addiction we haven’t realised have been a part of our life since our nascent adolescence. Its something thats not just a luxury but a part of our daily ritual, and also budget.

But are we really getting what we are looking for by using these products? Are we able to see a fresher and younger version of ourselves when it all comes off at the end of the day? No. It fades, but comes back haunting.

It would be wrong to claim the revival of youth through any product. Every human being will age, but with the help of the nature, that might as well be graceful and shining. Only if we are able to show a little patience to our body, which is tired of constantly working for us by fighting antigens and these harsh chemicals. Instead of burdening it with more chemicals we need to give it a tool to work with for our skin.

Majority of natural products are made using essential oils. Except these are not really oils. They are highly potent extracts of different parts of the plants in a concentrated form, obtained by cold process, distillation or steaming.

One single drop of eucalyptus essential oil is potent enough to cure a cold if inhaled regularly over a period of 4-5 days, without causing any side effects, other than a sound sleep.

Essentials oils are very effective. They are one major ingredient used for thousands of years by our ancestors for everything related to caring for the body. But when one looks for a research there are only very limited and not enough resources available to validate their effectiveness.

Why is that?

Because the research and development in the area of cosmetics is funded by the companies that own cosmetic businesses. Creating products made from lab synthesized ingredients and fragrances at a low cost brings in a lot of customers and money. Research conducted on essential oils never saw another light of the day, because the cosmetic business owners did not want to sell something that is not only expensive to manufacture but also can not be patented.

The unavailability of research on essential oils doesn’t make it any less effective. If nothing, the high demand of these oils in the market only proves that if it weren’t for their healing properties, then people wouldn’t have sworn by them for all these years.

It all begins with taking one step at a day. You can begin by replacing one product of your daily wellness routine with its natural version and stick to it. Skin care is devotion, its called care because it needs some to preserve its glow.

Nature is the creator of it all, and I think we can all agree here that the power of nature in healing humans can be several times more effective than that of any man made tool.   

All we need to do is to turn towards natural living.

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