8 Must Have Accessories For Women

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Hi ladies,
You LBD or your white tee would look so bland if not accessorized properly. Accessories are somewhat of a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe to look chic and stylish. In today’s post, I am listing few essentials a girl must own…

1. Scarves

A printed scarf can salvage any boring jeans and tee in more ways than one. Scarf will add a pop of color to an otherwise average outfit. You can wear a scarf in so many different ways- wrapped or knotted. If you are feeling too hot, just cover your head with it and it becomes a pretty hair accessory. It is also a great accessory for bustier women who do not want to draw unnecessary attention to her bust area.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can make even the hottest of day, sunnier. These are not just a fashion statement but also a must for those summer outings to protect our eyes from harmful sun rays. They come in all shapes and sizes. Choose what suits your face and look stylish in an instant.

3. Statement Necklaces

A statement piece instantly provides a feminine touch to the whole outfit. These are so versatile. You can choose a smaller one for your tees and an elaborate and dramatic one for those parties at night.

4. Classy Watch

This is an absolute favorite and a must have for me. Whatever I am wearing, I got to be wearing a watch with it. If you do not like to accessorize much, then just invest in a good watch and you will be good to go.

5. Trendy Belts

You need a belt to accentuate that waist. A belt goes with jeans just as well it goes with your one piece dress. Belt adds a new dimension to every outfit that it is paired with.

6. Black Stockings

A dress too short can be saved from looking tacky to stylish with black stockings. You can go for lacy and net ones, if you want to achieve a sexier and edgier look. You can choose tights in opaque and slightly thick fabric for winters to keep you warm and looking trendy at the same time.

7. Handbags

8 Must Have Accessories For Women

You need a metallic clutch to go with your traditional outfit, sling bags for a lunch with your girlfriends, an oversized bag for those shopping trips and so many other forms of bags for various other reasons. Bags are a must. From wallets to laptop bags they come in various forms to suit every purpose.

8. Earrings

This is a no brainier. We love our earrings. An earring that is smartly paired with any of your outfit, can do wonders to your overall personality. They will take it up a notch in style factor for sure. From little studs to chunky danglers, from tear drop earrings to those timeless diamond pieces, we have it all! All these kind of earrings completes our outfit like nothing can.

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