5 Items Of Clothing We’re Definitely Spending Our Money On in 2021

Since the world of fashion has been rocked by the pandemic, there were some changes we had to embrace in 2021. Not only are we moving our investments from skin-tight jeans to comfy pajama pants, there are a whole lot of items we’re going to be throwing our money at this year. As social gatherings continue to be at an all-time low and getting dressed turns into a bigger pain each day, we’re actually glad that fashion is undergoing a subtle revolution.

Here are a few things we’re definitely going to be looking at in 2021. How many of these are going to be in your bucket list items for this year?



This year, we are going to be prepared with a mask for every goddamn outfit we own. Blue ones, black ones, red ones, zardosi ones, polka dot ones – you name it and we’ll have it. Not only are we going to start an elaborate collection of masks, we’re going to make sure the coordination is off the charts.

Pajama sets

God knows when the next lockdown is going to be announced and when we’re to return to the quarantine life. So as an informed decision, we’re going to be investing in a lot of cute and comfy pajama sets just so we can uplift our moods while walking from the bedroom to the dining table. Plus, pajama life is, like, the best life.

Boyfriend jeans

Anytime we have to leave the house, boyfriend jeans have to be one of the comfiest options we’re going to choose. They’re baggy enough to not let your thighs chafe but also form-fitting enough to cinch with a cool belt and a crop top. We’re completely alright with this vibe for all of 2021.

Comfy Monotone Coord Sets

Another trend that seems to be brewing is the monotone coord sets that consist of plain sweatshirts and comfy joggers. Not only are Deepika Padukone and Janhvi Kapoor wearing it in their free time, it’s popping up on everyone’s Instagram and Facebook ads as part of the newest collections. Surely combining fashion and ultimate comfort was a wise decision, whoever made it.

Chunky sneakers

Gone are the days when heels were worn to parties and gatherings. The year for wearing sneakers and still being socially accepted everywhere is finally (and thank god for that) here. Not only are we looking to invest in some kickass pairs that’ll up our entire outfit, but also ones we look at and not feel pathetic for not hitting the gym. Win-win!

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